Content marketing vs. traditional advertising

Fighters, to your corners.

It’s tough to read anything about the advertising and marketing fields these days without seeing something related to content marketing. But how far has content marketing come?

A new infographic asks this poignant question: Is content marketing traditional advertising’s new rival?

Here are some facts:

• Companies with more than 1,000 employees are currently using an average of nine content marketing tactics.

• 51 percent of business-to-business marketers plan to increase their spending on content marketing in the next year.

• Business-to-business marketers allocate a little over a quarter of their total marketing budget to content marketing.

That seems to make a strong case for content marketing at the very least starting to rival traditional advertising, but where are you willing to bet your (or a client’s) budget?

Check out the full infographic below to see which fighter packs the most punch:


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