Converse debuts transgender-themed sneakers in ‘Pride Collection’

The footwear brand has been reaping praise for its marketing move that embraces diversity and inclusion. Adult sizes of the shoes are already sold out.


As PR and marketing campaigns are striving to be more diverse and inclusive, a new Converse collection hopes to take a big step.

The footwear brand recently released part of its Pride Collection, which include sneakers for both children and adults that carry the rainbow flag. This year, Converse is also offering designs that emulate the transgender flag.

The shoes represent a new frontier for Converse and other fashion brands looking to cater to a diverse consumer audience. reported:

… [F]or the first time, trans-themed sneakers are also available. Most other releases have been rainbow-themed as a nod to diversity although one company did produce a limited edition shoe for “bears and the men who love them.

Converse’s lineup includes eight different designs. They’re available in both adult and children’s sizes.

Twitter users were quick to applaud the offerings:

Though youth sizes are still available on Converse’s website, adult sizes are currently sold out. That didn’t stop Twitter users’ positive sentiment. Rather, consumers added pleas for the company to restock:

Despite the positive sentiment, not all feedback on Twitter was positive.

Several Twitter users expressed disappointment that Converse wasn’t donating any portion of the sneakers’ proceeds to LGBTQ organizations. In response, the company’s social media team has been individually replying to Twitter users’ concerns, also spreading its brand messages:

Converse’s recent marketing underlines the importance of including more inclusive images and messages within PR and marketing campaigns, whether or not you have products that cater to specific consumer groups.

A Shutterstock study revealed that the majority of marketers in the United States and the United Kingdom prioritize imagery that includes both racial diversity and same-sex couples over their brand messages, in order to represent (and appeal to) a larger segment of today’s consumer groups.

As LGBTQ communities and activism efforts expand, brand managers should consider how these changes affect your target audiences and how inclusive messages might fit into future PR and marketing efforts.

Mashable reported:

Regardless of how you feel about corporate participation during gay Pride, this is a huge symbolic step forward. Advocates for the trans community have long complained that gay and lesbian people dominate the LGBTQ movement.

Recognizing the trans community as a separate — though equally sneaker-worthy community — is emblematic of a larger cultural shift.

What do you think of Converse’s pride collection and the online conversation surrounding it, PR Daily readers?

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