Country Time assembles legal team to protect kids’ lemonade stands

The brand’s parent company, Kraft Heinz, wrote in a press release: ‘When life hands you outdated laws, make lemonade, and get Legal-Ade.’

It’s becoming harder for children to flex their entrepreneurial skills with lemonade stands on hot summer days.

Country Time recently tweeted a link to a Washington Examiner article titled, “If you call the cops to shut down a lemonade stand, you’re the worst“:

The article detailed the story of three children in Denver who had their lemonade stand shut down for not having the proper permit.

Similar incidents have been reported in Texas, New York and Georgia, sometimes causing families (many of which donate the proceeds to charity) to be fined hundreds of dollars.

Now, Country Time is stepping up and distributing refreshing justice with a team it calls “Legal Ade.”

Country Time’s parent company, Kraft Heinz, wrote in a press release:

But this summer will be different. The Country Time brand is taking a stand by introducing Legal-Ade: a crack team ready to straighten out lemonade stand-related permits and fines. Legal-Ade will defend kids’ right to a lemonade stand and all the benefits they bestow.

… Go ahead, kids. Run your lemonade stands. Country Time Legal-Ade is on your side and will protect you. When life hands you outdated laws, make lemonade, and get Legal-Ade.

Country time is offering parents the chance to apply for reimbursement of up to $300 for either permit fees to run their children’s lemonade stands—or the cost of fines associated with those penalized. Applicants must include their children’s descriptions of what the stands mean to them.

You can apply through Those who visit the site are greeted with a legal-themed header and Country Time’s video:

The company also pledged $1 for every retweet its video receives (up to $500,000):

Country Time also shared the video on its Facebook page:

The post—which has more than 3,600 shares—has been met with much praise and vows to purchase the company’s product.

CNN reported:

Adam Butler, Kraft Heinz’s general manager of beverages and nuts, said the Denver incident is an example of what inspired the company to help…

“When we saw these stories about lemonade stands being shut down for legal reasons, we thought it had to be an urban myth. After looking into it and seeing even more instances, we realized these weren’t myths, they were real stories,” Butler told CNN. ” A very real response seemed the best way to shine a light on the issue.

The campaign, which was created by Leo Burnett, is also an effective marketing move. Country Time has already grabbed headlines and social media buzz over its announcement.

Adweek reported:

While it’s certainly a first-world problem, that leaves it all the more primed to draw general indignation. And with a relatively low level of incidence—one expert has tracked a mere 30 reported examples (including other types of kid-run concession stands) since 1983—it’s clearly a win-win for Country Time, which gets to celebrate its cornerstone product—and all the wholesome values it wants to represent—without much real financial skin in the game.

On Monday, Country Time offered a coupon to consumers who tweeted a picture of their family lemonade stands under the hashtag #SaveLemonadeStands:

Inc. contributor Erik Sherman wrote:

First, this is totally the right thing for the company to do. If you don’t teach children that it’s possible to work hard and accomplish something without every crank screaming “Get your lemonade off my lawn!” and calling the cops, the country is in pretty bad shape.

Second, this is such a smart promotional move. At most, it costs them far less than a normal marketing campaign, but it’s going to run up a lot of coverage and good will. Even the Institute for Justice — an organization that regularly opposes government overreach — has written about the Country Time Legal Ade promotion.

What do you think of the effort, PR Daily readers?


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