Creative holiday gift ideas for the PR pro in your life

Instead of gifting another set of touchscreen gloves or an AP Stylebook, consider these alternative approaches.

For many, the holidays are a time to give and receive presents.

For PR and communications pros, popular gifts might include books, travel items or smartphone accessories.

Although those items can be nice, have you ever wondered what those pros really for Christmas?

Here are some creative alternatives to the usual fare:

“How about clients that give us three weeks to write a press release and approve it in five hours — rather than the other way around? Or, meetings that are shorter and start on time. If I could have a dollar for every time a meeting started ‘a few minutes late,’ I’d be wealthy. A PR pro’s time is valuable, too.”

— Frank Strong, Founder & President, Sword and the Script Media, LLC, @Frank_Strong

“I would love a button that deletes jargon from sales pitches, meetings and everyday speech. It would be glorious. I wouldn’t have to hear or read ‘ideate,’ ‘thought leader’ or any of those other painful words.”

— Jason Webb, Senior Digital Content Specialist at Banner Health, @JasonLWebb

“I want an app that can read the to-do list in my head, and automatically put it on my actual to-do list.”

— Matthew Maxey, Public Relations Coordinator of @VisitFranklin, @maxey2005

“I think the gift that would keep on giving this holiday and for many more, is for world peace and good cheer between journalists and PR pros. Imagine how great our worlds would be if only reporters and public relations folks could appreciate the value each brings to the communications equation. Think about how much more efficient and productive we all could be if we worked together in harmony.”

— Marc Raybin, president, Cardinal Communications Strategies, @CardCommsStrats

“I wish for a universal way to measure impressions.”

— Eduardo Lopez, senior social strategist, FleishmanHillard, @nomadstrategist

“More clients who want to invest in research. And, more PR curricula that require Newswriting 101.”

— Tim O’Brien, Principal, O’Brien Communications, @OBrienPR

“I want rookie reporters (who are replacing veteran journalists) to do their homework and gain understanding when assigned to cover long-running or complex community issues, and news managers and producers that fact check the report before it goes on the air.”

— Heidi Otway, APR, vice president of PR and social media, SalterMitchell, @heidiotway

“All I want for Christmas is for brands to understand the importance of setting a budget for public relations and having educated public relations professionals’ implement campaigns as opposed to the novice DIY method. I promise not to Google how to be a fusion restaurateur, if restaurateurs’ and other brands promise to hire public relations professionals to position, protect and promote their brand.”

— Deirdre Lopian, PR Consultant, Deirdre Lopian Public Relations, LLC, @DeirdreLopianPR

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“Sometimes I’m afraid that my meticulously planned announcement will be overshadowed by a government news, celebrity scandal, or headline-grabbing competitor announcement–ripping attention away from our news. But if someone gave me the MagiCalendar 3000, I’d know what date all of these big events would occur, and could plan campaigns with ease.”

— Darren Hailes, Darren Hailes Communications, @darrenhailes

“For all the PR pros who come up with their best communications strategies at three in the morning, an app that records marketing concepts during REM sleep. And finally, if Santa and his elves feel particularly creative, I would love Christmas ornaments made from wood carvings of my favorite brand logos!”

— Joan Wright, PR strategist, @JoWrighty

PR Daily readers, what do you want most this holiday season?

Michelle Garrett is a PR consultant and writer at Garrett Public Relations. Follow her on Twitter @PRisUs or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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