Critics and comedians take over conservative conference’s call for questions

The official account of CPAC asked Twitter users to submit questions for speakers. It backfired.

Thursday was a strange day to be a citizen of the Internet. People got into intense arguments about the colors of a dress, a pair of escaped llamas became an instant meme and the Conservative Political Action Committee put out an open call for questions on Twitter.

The request for questions accompanied this week’s kickoff of the group’s annual conference, and the intent was seemingly to get Twitter users involved in a dialogue with speakers. Instead, almost every use of the #CPACQ hashtag Thursday was a joke or a harsh criticism of conservative politics.

Even the Democratic Party’s official account got in on the sniping:

Of course, that drew some criticism of Democrats as well.

The lesson of #CPACQ is the same as that of #myNYPD and J.P. Morgan’s #AskJPM. If your organization is already the focus of considerable online criticism, it’s best not to invite more in the name of open dialogue.


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