Crowdsourcing gone wrong: Mountain Dew effort hijacked

The soft drink maker asked Internet users to name its latest drink. The top responses were ‘Diabeetus,’ ‘Hitler did nothing wrong,’ and—you get the point.

Social media has made crowdsourcing a favored tactic among marketers.

Problem is, sometimes the “crowd” is made up of people who are out for jokes or blood, or both. Just ask Mountain Dew. Someone hijacked Dub the Dew, which is the soft drink maker’s attempt to crowdsource the name of a new green apple flavored drink.

Names voted to the top of the list included: “Diabeetus,” “Cumsplosion,” “Hitler did nothing wrong,” and “Nuka Cola.”

No one has claimed responsibility for this stunt, though Mashable reports that the Web is abuzz with accusations. The Huffington Post, for examples, suggests that hacker group 4Chan is behind it. As of Monday afternoon, the Dub The Dew site has been removed and with it, the nasty names.

Take heed marketers: Mom’s warnings about falling in with “the wrong crowd” have never been more important than in the era of social media.

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