Data-driven tips for clickable headlines

Entice readers from the beginning with these powerful content writing tips.

Headlines may not look anything like they did 10 years ago, but they still matter.

We’re probably all guilty of leaning a little too heavily on the listicle approach to headlines, though those certainly have their place. We’ve also probably been tempted to add a “You won’t believe what happens” to our headlines to ensure we’re capturing those juicy reader clicks.

A successful headline in today’s (arguably oversaturated) content landscape is often the difference between a piece that is consumed and one that is forgotten.

An infographic from the teams at HubSpot and Outbrain seeks to unlock the key to strong headlines and titles for your content.

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It breaks down content into three main categories based on what it’s trying to accomplish:

1. Attract link clicks to your website.

2. Engage your visitors.

3. Convert your visitors into paying customers.

For each of these goals, there are certain words and phrases to include—and ones you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

It also includes a few very helpful takeaways, such as:

1. Keep your headlines to 117 characters or fewer for convenient social sharing.

2. Keep your headlines under 65 characters if you want to optimize it for organic search.

3. For the best click-through rates, 81-100 characters is your sweet spot.

For more tips on headline writing, check out the infographic below:


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