Dear journalists, maybe it’s you, not me

The author suggests reporters end their discord with the PR industry. In the end, the relationship will benefit readers and viewers.

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Why do you hate us?

Yes—I’m really asking you. Of course, it’s not just journalists constantly ripping on our profession. PR people are a running joke in most Web circles.

It seems like every time I sign on to Twitter there is some foul-mouthed tweet bashing our industry. Though I’ll be the first to agree there are some horrible PR people out there who blast out long, exaggerated pitches to every reporter listed on Cision, PR professionals are, for the most part, good people trying to help you get out a great story.

Good PR people spend countless hours researching you. By the time I’m ready to pitch you I know where you grew up, where you went to school, how many cats you own, and that you love sparkle cupcakes. I also know exactly what stories you like to write and how you prefer to be pitched.

Armed with that information, I spend countless hours writing a five-sentence pitch (because that is what you prefer) that includes a description of my client, why it’s worth your time, and most important, why your readers should care.

Know what happens when I hit send?


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