Dictionary.com chooses its Word of the Year for 2011

The Oxford Dictionaries gave the honor to “squeezed middle.” Your move, Dictionary.com.

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According to Dictionary.com, the word means “to change repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc.; equivocate.” The second meaning is “to turn renegade.” It is pronounced, “ter-JIV-er-sate.”

So, let’s get this straight. First, Oxford University Press chooses “squeezed middle” as its Word of the Year—a phrase many people haven’t even heard—and now Dictionary.com gives us “tergiversate.”

What’s going on? That sounds more a puzzler from the National Spelling Bee than something that you wish people would … just … stop … saying, for God’s sake.

Jay Schwartz, Dictionary.com’s head of content, had this to say to The Huffington Post:

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