Diet Coke denies new ads include drug references

The ads feature the tagline ‘You’re on,’ which, when accompanied with the word ‘Coke,’ has a very different meaning than the one the drink maker claims was intended.

A new Diet Coke campaign uses the tagline “You’re on,” and some people have wondered whether it’s a little too close to making a drug reference. The company is saying that the advertisements absolutely have nothing to do with drugs—even though when you look at them, they seem to lead observers to read the slogan as, “you’re on Coke.” As in cocaine. People have been enjoying posting about the dilemma on social media:

A statement from the company vehemently denies that the slogan has anything to do with drugs:

This advertising is one part of the new campaign for Diet Coke, which is called “You’re On.” It celebrates ambitious young achievers from all walks of life and reminds them that Diet Coke is there to support them in the moments when they are at their best. Every single day, young people around the world experience ‘You’re On’ moments big and small. It could be a job interview or a national TV interview, a first date or a final exam, a presentation to your boss or a performance in front of thousands. The Diet Coke logo is the centerpiece of the ad campaign. Diet Coke in no way endorses or supports the use of any illegal substance.

Adweek points out that the campaign was created by Droga5 in New York, an interesting fact to note once you learn that “drogas” is Spanish for “drugs.

A TV spot for the campaign features Taylor Swift. Check it out, and let us know if it drives you to drink Coke or do coke:


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