Digital PR pros’ toughest challenges

Yesterday’s industry struggles are old hat for many communicators. Here’s an updated list of frustrations that keep PR pros up at night.

The public relations profession has never had it easier.

With all the information at your fingertips, there have never been so many avenues and platforms to connect brand managers with consumers. Plus, key influencers such as journalists, analysts and celebrities have never been more available.

With abundance, however, comes complexity—and this complexity leads to challenges.

The agency JBH perfectly summarizes eight of the top challenges that digital PR pros face:

1. Things that once were new, now seem old.

2. There’s more background noise than ever.

3. How to choose among many platforms.

4. Journalists are harder to impress.

5. Audiences are jaded.

6. You’re very busy.

7. PR pros are drowning in data.

8. Communicators’ job roles are changing.

For more on these challenges—along with tips on how to combat them—check out JBH’s infographic below and let us know if you think that digital PR is getting harder:


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