Do you know these obscure words?

PR pros are often language lovers, but even the most well-read communicator can be bamboozled by arcane and rare words. Test your knowledge with this list.

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As PR and communication professionals, many of us spend our days correcting other people’s writing. This can be a taxing role, so sometimes it’s fun to take a break and play with words.

Let’s explore a few words that will make you say: “There’s a word for that?”

(Definitions from Wordnik and Oxford Dictionaries.)

1. Aposiopesis—to stop abruptly and leave a statement unfinished, giving the impression that the writer or speaker is unwilling or unable to continue; pretending to conceal something but mentioning it anyway.

The teacher’s well-timed aposiopesis silenced the room of school children, as they waited to hear if they would get to go out to recess.

2. Crepuscular—related to twilight; dim

 The crepuscular light seeped through the trees, signaling the end of the day.

3. Eschatology—the study of end times.

 Bob’s eschatology research has led him to make some interesting purchases over the years, including a 6-month supply of canned tuna.

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