Domino’s accused of wage violations in New York

The state’s attorney general is suing three of the pizza chain’s franchisees for stealing employee’s wages and alleges that the company’s headquarters encouraged it.

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Pizza chain Domino’s stands accused of “rampant wage violations” in New York.

A recent lawsuit alleges that three Domino’s Pizza franchisees—who run 10 stores in four New York counties—have used payroll software since 2007 that under-calculated wages. The suit also accuses Domino’s of encouraging franchisees to continue using the PULSE system even though it knew about the errors.

“We’ve uncovered rampant wage violations at Domino’s franchise stores and intensive involvement by Domino’s headquarters that caused many of these violations,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement. “At some point, a company has to take responsibility for its actions and for its workers’ well-being.”

Schneiderman said the franchisees stole $565,000 from workers using the software.They stand accused of not paying all the overtime due, paying employees less than minimum wage and not reimbursing employees for the use of their bicycles or other vehicles for deliveries.

Schneiderman also said that “it is incumbent upon Domino’s to fix the problems.”

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