Domino’s tweets back to man who said he tried to have sex with a pizza

This not-safe-for-work conversation was work for one very patient social media manager in the United Kingdom.

Fish got to swim, birds got to fly, and trolls got to harass brands on Twitter. Often, comments like this one are better left ignored:

But Domino’s Pizza UK stepped up to the challenge Monday, replying with this very professional response:

It continued from there:

The Domino’s account’s replies seem to go through several stages: professionalism, sarcasm, annoyance, and finally a sort of resigned good humor. At the very least, its last tweet put an end to the discussion, until the United Kingdom paper Metro picked the story up.

Metro advises that Domino’s shouldn’t have answered the tweets, by the way, but the attention Domino’s has gotten for its response, at least so far, seems to have been largely positive. It just goes to show that brands that employ gentle humor when handling salacious comments can earn a few social media points. (Image via)


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