Don’t mix social media and alcohol

An infographic from Addvocate demonstrates what might happen if you find yourself posting to your accounts while knocking back a few.

Engaging with peers on social platforms can be dangerous. Doing so while you’re under the influence of alcohol is downright irresponsible.

Addvocate has an interesting take on the potential pitfalls of using social media at various stages of intoxication.

As crisis communicator Jonathan Bernstein noted on his blog, keeping alcohol out of the mix isn’t as obvious as it may seem.

“Most people wouldn’t hold a press conference or shareholder meeting after spending a few hours at the bar,” he wrote, “yet for some reason many of those same people feel strangely comfortable sharing to social media when they’re in the midst of tying one on.”

Check it out here and tell us your favorite drunken social media story:


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