Email marketing forecast for the coming year

Plan for more data-driven decision making, hyper-personalization and the rise of ‘smart’ content.

Will email ever die?

With apologies to the many inbox haters, probably not anytime soon. In terms of internal communication, email still reigns supreme. Email marketing also remains an affordable, effective arrow in the quiver of external communicators. It’s a messaging must for 2018.

As much as people kvetch about email and try to hasten its demise, it’s still the default channel for most companies. Why is that? Often, it’s more about the message than the medium. As Ragan Consulting Group co-founder Jim Ylisela says:

People don’t hate email. People hate sh**ty, boring email.

If you’re keen on doing email right in 2018, Moveable Ink has an infographic to get you up to speed. Here’s what the infographic says to watch for in 2018:

  • Campaigns will become even more data-driven. Are you using demographic and behavioral data to inform your messaging and audience segmentation?
  • Email marketers will increasingly engage customers during ‘micro-moments.’ In 2018, consider tools that will help you respond swiftly when customers engage with emails. Strike while the iron’s hot.
  • Highly-personalized, one-to-one experiences will be crucial. People increasingly expect—nay, demand—content tailored to their specific interests.
  • Content will keep getting ‘smarter.’ Content that “changes based on the interests or past behavior of the viewer” is primed for explosive growth in 2018.

Even if you’re down on email, it’s still a necessary evil. We all should plan accordingly until another channel captures the internal communication zeitgeist. That goes for internal communicators, too. Check out the rest of the infographic below to strategize for 2018.


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