Employees split on whether companies should take a political stand

When asked their preference about having employers speak out on hot social issues, people are divided. Conservatives are more likely to favor silence.

Whether or not your employee wants your company to speak out on politics has a lot to do with their own personal political beliefs.

This study from Clutch finds that conservative employees favor brand silence, whereas more politically liberal employees are likelier to embrace a vocal stance from company leaders.

Either way, employees are split on the subject, revealing the significant risks that leaders face when they decide to take a political stand.

Brand managers and leaders should consider these risks when planning to speak out on cultural issues—and should refrain from taking imprudent or irrelevant stances for a quick PR hit.

However, if you believe something strongly enough, there are employees who are “undecided”—and a passionate argument from a place of authenticity could win the day.


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