Exiting employee dances into viral fame

Before quitting her job at ‘content farm’ Next Media Animation, Marina Shifrin bids her boss farewell with a parting interpretive dance that has already garnered over 5 million views. (UPDATE)

If you’ve been working in a professional capacity for a few years now, chances are you’ve left a job, and doing so made you want to dance.

But it takes a certain level of professional dissatisfaction to do what Marina Shifrin did right before she left her job with Next Media Animation. Take a look:

The video has earned 4.6 million views as I’m writing this. Let that sink in.

Its popularity likely stems from the fact that we’ve all wanted to do something along these lines. It’s also so perfect, as Shifrin explains in the video, that her employer was so concerned about video views. Plus, the song is Kanye before he really became Kanye, you know?

Her reasons for quitting are a fascinating peek behind the curtain at content farms, those sites where the content itself doesn’t matter as much as the “clicks,” as Shifrin bemoans in a recent blog post titled “Journalism Is Dead to Me.”

Shifrin had a few gems to share regarding her newfound internet fame:

In a response emailed to Gawker, Mark Simon, a commercial director at Next Media Animation and who hired Shifrin, had this to say:

“There are a few things I would like just make a point of and if there is an interest I will be happy to be asked any question. (We do not have a PR department and we are wide open to any and all questions).

“There is an image now of a sweat shop, we are not. Marina made USD$42k per year. She had a 40 hr work week, 5 days a week. There is no expectation of OT on our behalf, you finish your shift and leave. In our office most folks leave when their shift is up as you work on news flow.

“Look, we do news animations. We are not investigative reporters. Two international outlets have asked us for comment, and her video is up on nearly 300 sites. We think we have something to say about this and we are hoping Gawker will have us.

“I am not looking to slam her, nor am I engaged in anything but trying to help some other managers in their early 30’s, understand why the young lady they hung out with just cashiered them. I don’t think she meant for it to be seen as so harsh, but we are getting some nasty attacks on our managers, who she says she respects.”

To read Simon’s full email, click here.

UPDATE: Next Media Animation has posted a parody response to Shifrin’s video wishing its former staffer well and also letting everyone know that the company is hiring:

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