Facebook’s ‘Riff’ app comes pre-packaged with viral recipe

The social network released the video-sharing tool this week, which enables users to collaborate on content. 

Facebook is expanding its mobile app suite, this time with the intriguing video-sharing app called Riff.

It was released earlier this week, and signifies Facebook’s continued efforts to compete with the likes of YouTube.

Riff takes the concept of video sharing and allows your friends to add to it. It starts with the user recording a 20-second video and uploading it to Riff (and to Facebook, by proxy).

Then, that user’s friends who are also Riff users will get a notification that a video has been uploaded. They’ll get the opportunity then to add their 20-second video to the Riff. These videos can be added on top of one another ad infinitum.

Sound confusing? Think of it this way: Facebook is trying to manufacture the next Ice Bucket Challenge.

Facebook product manager Josh Miller described the app in a recent blog post and said, “Our hunch was that if you could make videos collaboratively, the creative process would be more fun and the final product would be cooler.”

Riff is the result of a side project where “a few Facebook employees stayed after-hours,” according to Miller.

If we’re learning anything about Hyperlapse (an app that enables users to capture and share time-lapse videos on Instagram), Layout (which lets users make photo collages for Instagram) and other Facebook Creative Labs offerings, it’s that video is becoming a greater priority and the social network can pump out new offerings pretty quickly.

Anyone wondering how Facebook would compete to stay relevant and avoid going the way of MySpace has his or her answer. (Image via)


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