Going viral: 6 mistakes content marketers make

The very virtues that make you a dependable, widely read daily or weekly blogger may be habits that disable you as a creator of viral content, says this writer.

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It could be that habits you’ve developed in creating ordinary content prevent you from creating it. Some might simply be bad habits. Other habits that work well enough for daily posts can block you from writing content fit to spread far and wide.

Here are six habits you need to change (or forget) to go viral:

1. Writing to please everybody.

Viral content is not synonymous with well-received content. It’s simply content that evokes reactions and moves people to share it.

If the reaction of your readers ranges from “that’s nice” to “somewhat interesting” you aren’t viral. People who create viral content know you can’t always be safe. You have to have strong opinions, and be willing to express them.

The point of “going viral” is to earn shares and links and to create conversation. This works just as well if people engage you because they disagree with you as it does if people like your opinions.

2. Focusing on interest rather than usefulness.

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