Google and Disney among world’s most popular brands

A recent study found the search engine to be the most talked-about and Disney the most-loved brand on social media. 

When evaluating a brand’s overall presence in social media, there are two things that tend to carry the most weight: volume and sentiment.

How often are people talking about my brand, and what are they saying?

Infegy recently published its World’s 50 Most Popular Brands report, and while Google topped the list in volume of chatter, Disney won the sentiment battle with the highest rate of positive chatter.

The results came from analyzing overall positive and negative brand sentiments, how likely people were to purchase something (purchase intent), volume of conversations and topics people referenced the most when talking about each brand.

Here are the top 10 most talked-about brands in social media, according to Infegy:

1. Google 2. Twitter 3. Facebook 4. Apple 5. Tumblr 6. Disney 7. Microsoft 8. BMW 9. YouTube 10. Nike

Being one of the most popular brands across social media doesn’t mean people are purchasing, however: Though the purchase intent for Google is 22 percent, Twitter only has a 3 percent purchase intent, and Tumblr is just as low with 4 percent.

In like manner, brands that have the most sales aren’t those with the most social media chatter. The likelihood of purchasing something from FitBit is 36 percent, even though the brand is the 40th on the list, and Amazon, the 26th most popular brand, has a purchase intent of 23 percent. (Image via)


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