Google offers celebrity Q&A videos in search results

The new app, called Cameos, enables a select few with extensive online clout to speak directly to their audiences about questions that matter to them. Here’s how PR pros might jump in.

Google is offering influencers a golden opportunity to speak directly to their followers.

A new app, called Cameos, enables celebrities to post videos answering questions posed in the Google search engine. The responses will appear as top results.

TechCrunch wrote:

The app is aimed at celebrities and other public figures, who are often the subject of people’s Google searches. With the Cameos app, they can address fans’ questions in their own voice, instead of leaving the answers up to other websites.

The feature is an extension of the company’s “Posts on Google” platform which has been slowly rolling out over the past couple of years, giving some people and organizations the ability to post directly to Google’s search result pages.

This feature could become available for businesses and other users. TechCrunch continued:

Initially, “Posts on Google” was open only to a small number of celebrities, sports teams and leagues, movie studios and museums. But last year, it expanded to local businesses who could then publish their events, products and services. This spring, it opened up to musicians. And it had been earlier experimenting with a feature that inserted celebs’ video answers into search, as well.

The app is intended to bring more video content to Google results, indicating how search engineering could change in coming years. For now, only a handful of celebrities can use the platform.

TechCrunch explained:

As the App Store description explains: “Record video answers to the most asked questions on Google and then post them right to Google. Now, when people search for you, they’ll get answers directly from you.”

The app also allows celebrities using Cameos to see the top questions the internet wants answers to, so they can pick and choose which of those they want to answer. Their answers, recorded with their iPhone’s camera, will be published directly to Google search and in the Google app.

The feature is similar to an offering from Instagram but would offer results in Google’s internet-dominating search engine. This could be crucial for influencers and PR pros as Google and its subsidiaries expand their market share.

Google has been tinkering with its search offerings, trying to capture social media referral traffic, and it has come up with offerings such as Cameos.

Mashable wrote:

Vertical video with celebrity talking heads may seem more like Snapchat or Instagram territory, but Google’s been experimenting with different ways to make search more personalized and interactive, particularly on mobile. The company launched a new feed feature last year, and more recently launched AMP Stories, a new mobile-friendly format for publishers.

The new app is a big win for celebrities—and the companies that partner with them.

Mashable explained:

For Cameos, there’s also a considerable upside for participating celebrities. In addition to having another platform to share their influence, being able to control even a small segment of what appears in Google search results is huge. Traditionally determined by Google’s ever-changing algorithms, what appears in the top results of a Google search has long been a frustration for some people. Cameos doesn’t necessarily change that, but it at least gives public figures an opportunity to weigh in on popular questions and take back some control of their presence on Google.

Cameos, for now, is available only for iPhones, and celebrities must request the app and hope they’re selected to receive it. Celebrities using it include basketball star Kevin Durant and model Karlie Kloss.

How could you partner with a celebrity to bring new attention to your organization with this app, PR Daily readers?

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