Hey, communicators, let’s play, ‘Would you rather…’

The classic game of hard choices gets a workplace overhaul. Who wants to join in the fun?

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It can be a choice between two good options or a true dilemma—one involving two equally unattractive options. Answering “neither” or “both” is against the rules.

With my kids, their questions mostly involved superpowers (Would you rather be able to fly or breathe under water?); eating things (Would you rather eat a rotten egg or stinky cheese?); and school activities (Would you rather go to phys-ed all day, or have recess all day?).

Listening to their game got me thinking about “would you rather” questions for corporate communications professionals. So, PR Daily readers, would you rather …

• … go to that late-afternoon meeting on 401K investment options, or go to the dentist and have a cavity filled?

• … listen to a presentation filled with words such as “synergize,” “leverage,” and “implement,” or clean out the company refrigerator?

• … read a blog laden with clichés such as “kick it up a notch,” or “leverage cutting-edge technologies,” ask the IT department for help with your computer?

• … submit to big-brotherish health assessments at the office, or have your health insurance premiums increase?

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