How AI improves PR efficiency and results

Public relations pros should embrace artificial intelligence to help them become strategic advisors within their organizations—unless they prefer to sit on the sidelines.

If you consider artificial intelligence to be “forward-thinking,” you’re behind the eight ball.

“AI is the technology of the 21st century,” says Luca Grulla, vice president of technology at Signal AI. “This is already in our everyday life as a consumer, and it’s going to be an evolution for the PR professional. … We’re giving them better tools to be more effective at their job.”

Signal AI just launched AIQ, its next generation of technology that powers its media monitoring and market intelligence platform.

Artificial intelligence can analyze millions of data in real time, making you more efficient at what you do. More important, it will turn you into what every communicator strives to be—a strategic advisor.

“We really want to empower PR professionals to be strategic in what they’re doing,” Grulla says. “We’re empowering them with tools that allow them to have a more strategic understanding of what they’re doing, and the opportunity to take strategic insight within the organization.”

He shares his thoughts on the ways AI technology can do just that:

PR Daily: Broadly speaking, how can AI help PR pros be more effective?

LG: We live in a world where the amount of data, the volume of news, is growing, and there’s no possible way for any human to keep up without the aid of technology. In this scenario, artificial intelligence helps us make sense of this huge volume of news and content and makes our lives simpler by grouping things together in a way that’s meaningful to your organization.

The new technology can be very specific and tailored to an organization’s or user’s needs. Over time, it can learn what you care about and become much more tailored to your needs and allow you to be more effective in your job.

PR Daily: How do “Briefings,” the first set of features powered by AIQ, help solve PR challenges?

LG: The volume of data that we see as a PR professional is too much. There’s not enough time for an individual to go through hundreds of articles in a day and make sense of it. In AI, to help simplify this, we look at stories that are high volume—hundreds of articles and content published every day. We cluster and rank them.

We find stories that are related to each other, but we don’t just create a bucket of the major stories; we rank them. The algorithm tells you what’s most important—the top five you want to distribute. This is a massive time saver. It can be used to follow trends and topics, in addition to mentions. Maybe you want to distribute content around Brexit, for example. You can create easy bulleted alerts on a regular basis.

PR Daily: How does AI help advance the PR world?

LG: We believe PR professionals are much more strategic than they’re sometimes perceived in the industry. AI gives them tools that allow them to be strategic. How you do that? By being able to identify and track and distribute the right information at the right point and time, but also having the opportunity to have a strategic perspective of your role.

AI is not just about counting the number of articles out there. We give them information in real time and focus on what’s going to be important to them, rather than: “This is the amount of articles you have.”

AI is the natural evolution in technology and makes us all better and smarter.


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