How and why to boost customer satisfaction online

Social media platforms have offered people a way to complain about experiences that don’t meet their expectations, but you can use it as an opportunity to make things right.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter have enabled brand managers to reach billions of consumers.

Though social media has provided engagement opportunities, platforms have also become an avenue for people to complain about customer experiences.

Consumers prefer social media for customer service over any other medium (34.5 percent), and 90 percent say they use social media to communicate directly with brands.

Brand managers who are able to effectively address a customer’s complaint online can find a strong return. Seventy-five percent of customers will share their positive experience with a brand’s customer service team online, and an answer to a social media complaint increases the likelihood of brand advocacy by 25 percent.

PR and marketing pros have noticed the trend, and are investing in online customer service efforts. Since 2014, customer interactions on Twitter have increased 250 percent. The vast majority of organizations (81 percent) are using social media as an avenue to manage their customers’ experiences.

Website Builder’s infographic can show you how to execute social media customer service successfully across platforms:


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