How and why to start an editorial board

Editorial boards can give you instant feedback, good sources and a little more clout.

Maybe it’s time you put together an editorial board.

What’s that, you say? Are we nuts? We know what you’re thinking: It’s hard enough running a publication without having a group of meddlesome, self-important executives looking over your shoulder and questioning every move you make.

Especially when it comes to the stuff they don’t know anything about. Like writing and editing.

Plus, who has the time to meet? The problem with most editorial boards is that people are just too busy, and they may not even work in the same city.

So why would any editor who hasn’t lost her marbles want to create such a monster?

We have two answers for that question:

1. If creating an editorial board doesn’t help you do your job better and make your work life easier, then bag it. Forget we ever brought it up.

2. But if you think you can assemble a group of committed people who can provide a good sounding board, offer solid story ideas, help you gain access to those hard-to-reach people and ease your political problems, then the real question is, “Why haven’t you done this before?”

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