How can non-visual brands harness Pinterest?

PR Daily publisher Mark Ragan spoke with the team at ePrize on the ways brands should use Pinterest, as well as the future of branding and social media (hint: It’s all about convergence).

Pinterest is wildly popular in the social media world, but what if your brand isn’t particularly visual? What if you’re a business-to-business software company, can you still use Pinterest?

Absolutely, says the team at ePrize, a company that helps brands with promotions.

“You can’t just take the pictures from your catalogue” and put them on a Pinterest board, Sara Kowal, vice president of innovation for ePrize, told PR Daily publisher Mark Ragan. “It’s about the lifestyle your brand represents—what inspires your designers, what inspires your products.”

She added: “There are a lot of way to connect with fans on Pinterest without pushing products.”

Ragan spoke with Kowal and others from ePrize at the NASDAQ studios in New York. Beyond Pinterest, he also asked them the all-important question: Where is the world of branding, PR, and social media moving?

“Brands are trying to figure out what social networks they need to be on; how are they going to use mobile, where does email fit in,” said Kowal. “We’re going to start to see the convergence—overall programs that tie in all of these challenges.”

Basically, adapting the brand voice to all of these channels.

See the full interview below:


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