How Chipotle’s pork shortage is a PR win

The burrito chain is making good on its promise to get ingredients only from responsible suppliers.

Do you enjoy Chipotle’s carnitas burritos? Of course you do. What red blooded, swine-swallowing American doesn’t?

Well, I have some sad news. Are you sitting down? The fast casual chain is facing a pork shortage. Carnitas is no longer on the menu at a third of its locations because Chipotle isn’t able to source its pig meat from responsible farmers.

You might think news like this would be terrible PR in the eyes of the Chipotle faithful. You’d be wrong. The company prides itself on getting its ingredients from responsible suppliers, and its customers love Chipotle for it.

From Bloomberg:

Chipotle is protecting its image as a socially responsible company, part of its appeal to younger customers who also seek healthier options and higher-quality ingredients. The restaurant operator has created short films to educate Americans about industrial farming and hosted festivals with organic snacks and local food and drink purveyors.

But Chipotle’s top pork provider, Niman Ranch, has upped its game, according to Business Insider.

“We were able to increase supply to Chipotle by 15 percent to 20 percent starting this week and we should be able to do that moving forward,” Niman Ranch executive vice president Jeff Tripician told BI.

But it’s interesting to note that whenever there’s a shortage of responsibly sourced ingredients, customers may be inconvenienced, but they’re reminded why they eat at Chipotle in the first place.


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