How Goodwill combats misinformation

The nonprofit’s PR leader offers a masterclass in tackling fake news and malicious rumors.

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How do you squash a rumor that won’t die?

In today’s hyper-connected society, anyone with a grudge and an internet connection can do serious damage to your company. It’s an issue you should be prepared to encounter. But what are the best ways to anticipate and respond to potentially harmful misinformation?

Lauren Lawson-Zilai, senior director of PR and national spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International (GII), shared comprehensive crisis comms guidance during a recent session for Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Network.

Lawson-Zilai, a member of Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Network, shared how the nonprofit giant has dealt with—and continues to deal with—viral rumors that persist about Goodwill. One particularly stubborn bit of misinformation you may have seen floating around online is called “Think Before You Donate.” It’s a bogus, wildly untruthful graphic that initially spread as a chain letter and now continues to worm its way through the world thanks to the “magic” of social media.

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