How many languages should your brand speak?

A new study shows that the top-scoring global websites speak more than a dozen languages. Bet you wish you’d paid closer attention in German class.

Google tops the list of global websites, according to a recent Common Sense Advisory report titled “The Top-Scoring Global Websites.” The search giant is followed by Facebook and YouTube.

So what’s the key to boosting your site’s global Web score?

First, make it available in a minimum of 16 languages, the report suggests.

Its lead author, Ben Sargent, explains:

“There’s no doubt about it—Web globalization is now a mainstream business activity. Monolingual websites fail to reach even 25 percent of the world’s Internet users. It takes 11 languages to pass the 80 percent mark.”

Wikipedia, Samsung, Blackberry, and HP also notched high rankings.


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