How much do social media professionals make?

A new report claims a social media strategist earns $61,000 a year. See how much other job titles in this space make—and whether you’re seeing that type of pay.

Social media jobs are in high demand right now, but how well do they pay?

A community of social media professionals called Jobs in Social Media wanted to find out. It spoke with recruiters and used online tools to track down some salaries, and the numbers look pretty competitive. The group sent out a press release outlining a few common job titles and their salaries:

1. Social media account executive – $73,000 per year
2. Social media designer – $67,000 per year
3. Social media strategist – $61,000 per year
4. Brand manager – $59,000 per year
5. Social media manager – $57,000 per year
6. Social media specialist – $55,000 per year
7. Community manager – $55,000 per year
8. Engagement coordinator – $49,000 per year
9. Social media marketing coordinator – $47,000 per year
10. Blogger – $32,000 per year

The press release said social media directors at Fortune 500 companies could earn in the six-figure range.

However, a couple of people I talked to who work in social media said they make nowhere near these numbers. (They wanted to remain anonymous, because they wanted to avoid awkward conversations with their bosses who might read this.)

A study from last October said that the starting salary for a PR specialist ranged from ranges from $38,750 to $60,500. It also noted that PR salaries were expected to increase by 3.5 percent in 2012.


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