How personal stories from employees resonate on social media

Some of the best brand advocates you will ever find are already working for your organization. Here is how to get them involved.

Building a strong customer brand has never been more important, but it still requires a lot of work.

Humanizing your brand by bringing your employees to the forefront is one of the most effective strategies you can use to achieve that goal, and social media provides the perfect platform for this kind of campaign.

Sharing the personal stories of your employees will allow you to give your brand faces and voices to which your customers can relate. This will result in building greater trust, which is the key component of brand success.

Why you should be telling your employees’ stories

The main reason why your social media marketing content should include stories about your employees is to show your customers that you are more than just a business. Introducing your team and sharing some of their personal stories can help create a special identity for your organization.

This change might not seem like it’s that big of a deal, but it makes a huge difference in terms of customer loyalty. By humanizing your business in such a manner, you manage to establish an emotional tie with your audience, and it’s this tie that will provide you with trust and loyalty.

Research shows that posting real-life photos of business owners onto the web makes the associated brands appear more trustworthy. The same is true when you share photos and stories of your whole team on social media. This enables them to connect with the customers on a much deeper level, thereby giving even the smallest business a chance to build a formidable reputation at a low marketing cost.

Tips to get started

One of the best ways to share your employees’ personal stories on social media is through the actual Stories feature.

This means you’ll first need to master the use of Instagram Stories for business. Then, do the same for Facebook and Snapchat if you are using them for your social media marketing campaign. Instagram, however, should be your top priority as this is the best medium for this brand of marketing.

You can also use Instagram in a different way. Encourage your employees to share some personal posts through their own accounts while tagging their location and your business. Those snapshots of your office life are exactly what you need to make your brand more relatable. Your employees can share them through Facebook and Snapchat, too. If you are clever about it, you can even start to generate leads.

For example, consider creating a vlog about the adventures of your team. Regular posts with fun and valuable content might attract new followers to your social media channels. Even if they never make a purchase, they will give you a PR boost and will help attract even more interest through word of mouth.

You can also use Reddit to boost your brand’s trustworthiness. Let your employees loose on this online platform and make sure they link back to your business whilst sharing their personal opinions throughout the network. The secret of business success on Reddit is to offer valuable content without promoting yourself directly.

Having real people participating in debates will achieve this better than trying to do the same from your business account.

Not all brands have the luxury of building an attractive and fun personality that consumers will admire. For example, a business which manufactures plumbing equipment will be hard-pressed to establish a lovable brand personality. However, letting customers establish more personal relationships with your team can help your organization to stand out.

If these are things that you want to happen to your own business, start showing off the many wonderful personalities behind your business right away.

Kate Bregovic is a freelance writer. Follow her on Facebook.

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