How PR pros can be allies for beleaguered reporters in tech and beyond

As media outlets become short staffed and reporters face increasingly complex stories in industries like tech and finance, PR pros can be essential partners in sourcing great stories.

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It’s a cliché in the PR world: A good PR pro is an essential resource for the journalists in his or her network.

Yet, it’s a truism that gets subsumed by client desires, job expectations and bad email etiquette time and time again. For a PR pro coming from the world of journalism, however—it’s the secret that solves the whole puzzle.

Jeremy Horowitz, the new head of content for the tech industry with Allison+Partners, brings his expertise as a reporter with VentureBeat to his new role and uses his journalistic skill set to inform his strategy.

“Journalists are being asked to cover increasingly complex and numerous topics, prioritizing speed and brevity over detail,” he explains, identifying the gap that is being left by the digital media landscape. “I spent three decades as a journalist sweating details, so I truly appreciate both their importance and potential to distract viewers from bigger points.”

Horowitz new role is to fill that gap, offering brands the opportunity to tell their own story—complex as they might be—in a way that is easy to digest.

Earned media challenges in 2021

There is no shortage of challenges facing brands looking for media coverage this year, even if the headlines are no longer dominated by COVID-19 updates.

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