How ‘the internship’ has evolved over time

Whether you’re a coffee-gofer or an all-around team lackey, interning has become a right of passage for budding communicators. A look at how the job has evolved.

There are few more formative times in a person’s professional career than the internship.

Sure, you might only be grabbing coffee and picking up dry cleaning by day while eating ramen noodles at night, but it’s a vital first step to getting that coveted first paying job after college.

The internship wasn’t always the glamorous, cushy experience it is today. Its roots are in the apprenticeship. Not until the 1990s did the internship as we know it today start to formalize.

Now, you can complete a virtual internship—33 percent of companies are doing it.

And not all internships are unpaid (or poorly compensated). Apple interns pull down close to $5,000 a month!

These and more fun facts about internships can be found in the infographic below:

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(via Mashable)


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