How the Ragan community is boosting culture and morale among their workforces

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Last Tuesday, members of the Ragan community virtually came together to discuss how they’re maintaining both culture and morale as they and their workforces shelter in place.

Along with sharing zoom backgrounds and pondering the irony of communicators reaching out more through tech and social media platforms, participants shared many insights for keeping spirits high.

Consider these five key takeaways:

1. Give employees tools and resources to succeed remotely.

Work-from-home life is a far cry from office routines, so make sure you and your employees have the technology and guidance to remain productive, connect and collaborate with colleagues, and meet deadlines.

2. Use content to humanize your brand.

Whether you’re highlighting community efforts or sharing light-hearted and engaging content to uplift employees and consumers, use what you create as a way to strengthen relationships. That means understanding what your audience wants—and what they loathe.

3. Connect employees with executives to build trust.

Along with regular and transparent updates, leave room for flexibility as your employees adjust to the new normal.

4. Now is the time to take your seat at the table.

More than ever before, it’s crucial to become a business professional who communicates expertly, rather than a communicator who knows a little about business. You’ll probably have to step out of your comfort zone, but taking up the torch and leading the way through the current crisis can help you for years to come.

5. If you’re out of ideas, turn to pets.

 When all else fails, ask employees and social media followers to share photos of their pets or ask them about the lighter aspects of their routines (for example, ask for favorite work playlists). Doing so can build rapport.

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You can also read the entire April 14 #RaganChat transcript here.


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