How to avoid being ‘crazy busy’ all the time

Yes, we know, you’re always busy. We all are. Here’s how to create more free time and be more productive.

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A couple of weeks ago, The New York Times had a great OpEd about how busy we are.

The author, Tim Kreider, relayed a story about asking a friend to blow off work to check out the new American Wing at the Met and the friend said he was super busy, but to let him know if there was a special event or something and he’d try to make it.

Kreider said, “This is the special event. I’m inviting you to go with me.”

But the idea this friend of his would skip work just to go hang out is so foreign to a lot (most?) of us.

How many of you fall into this trap? When someone asks you how you are, you say, “OMG. I’m crazy busy!” And the person responds with, “Better than the alternative!”

The busy trap

We’ve fallen into, what Kreider calls, the busy trap.

Erica Allison explored this same idea in her blog post, Sometimes, You Just Gotta Boogie! She explains that she over-schedules her life. So much so, in fact, it’s impossible for her to enjoy life because she’s too busy getting from one thing to another.

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