How to bolster your reputation online

A new survey from Clutch reveals many businesses aren’t proactive enough in protecting their reputation. The guide offers steps you can take immediately to safeguard your brand.

How are you defending your reputation online?

In the social media era, consumers can turn on you in the blink of an eye, but an aggressive campaign to build goodwill with your audience can mitigate the effects of a crisis.

A new survey from Clutch, an agency research platform, says many business leaders aren’t doing enough to protect themselves online. Whether that’s not responding to negative comments online or failing to invest in social media marketing, your organization could be vulnerable.

Getting happy customers to leave positive reviews of your products and services can be crucial to developing a strong online reputation. So, why are so few businesses soliciting this feedback?

Here are the five steps Clutch recommends for bolstering your online reputation:



One Response to “How to bolster your reputation online”

    Ronald N. Levy says:

    Consider four additional ways to change for the better your reputation.

    .1. CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE. “Let’s do more PR” may be an executive
    inspiration on attaining an aspiration. But even more effective than what you say about yourself, and more than what your PR work gets others to say about you, may be improving what you are. Sometimes changing reality may be not only more successful than trying to change “the image” but may even be less costly!

    .2. CHANGE WHAT YOU AREN’T. If some of your people are making claims that aren’t really true, like claiming you’re NOT largely motivated by desire for profit or success, you may increase public esteem by decreasing communications that make you seem like a bullthrower.

    .3. CHANGE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. Most people want to be a leader but a leader in what? It may help management to get where it wants to be by starting with an honest assessment of what actually that is. Talking that over may lead to surprising revelations and productive decisions.

    Said PR savant Robert Burns: “O I wad the giftie gie us” (Oh I wish God would give us) “Th pow’r to see irselves as ithers see us.” Actually we do have that power. The same PR firms that can help us to improve our PR can help us initially to assess public opinion so we may better decide what improvements we should shoot for.

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