How to find and develop public speakers within your organization

Going beyond the boardroom will broaden your opportunities for cultivating those who know your company best and can speak on its behalf with passion and confidence.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if someone in your organization was great at public speaking?

You could send them to large conferences to represent your company. Their speaking skills could distinguish your brand as an industry leader and expert.

Maybe this great speaker is on staff right now, but you (and possibly they) don’t know it yet. The good news is that great public speakers share certain characteristics, so they’re easy to spot.

Rather than focus on your top executives, look around your entire organization for the person or people best qualified for the job.

Pay attention to see who might have the following qualities:

They are generous. People who excel at communication share information freely; they don’t hold back. Speakers who give more tend to connect more with the audience and make the greatest impact.

They are confident. To command attention, the speaker must be comfortable, relaxed and engaged, not so scared that they blank on their next point. Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, so look for employees who find it easy to share their opinions publicly, those who are solid presenters in internal meetings.

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