How to find and tell great stories from within your organization

With the dwindling existence of local beat reporters, how are you working to break your own stories and stay in the news?

The news media world has changed radically.

You’re receiving fewer calls from longtime journalists you’ve built relationships with, and your media distribution list has withered. Yet your bosses are still demanding the same impressive media metrics.

The answer is to create your own news desk and break your own news.

Here are some tips:

  1. Create a news desk: Form your staff from PR, corporate communications, marketing, internal communications, social media—anyone who produces content in the organization should be involved.
  2. Establish editorial standards: Everyone needs to be on the same page about how you talk about the organization. Hint: The less you mention your brand, the better.
  3. Assign roles: You’ll need an executive editor, managing editor, content coordinator, writers, social media editor and photographer or videographer.
  4. Set up an editorial calendar: Base this around your organizational goals and strategies such as D&I, sustainability, growing executive thought leaders, etc.
  5. Collect story ideas: During regularly scheduled meetings your editorial team will decide which stories make the cut and how best to tell them, as well as setting realistic deadlines for completion.

To learn more about brand journalism and developing a news desk, read the full report.


One Response to “How to find and tell great stories from within your organization”

    Gregory J Pleshaw says:

    This is a really great post about an idea near and dear to me, which is the creation of a mini news room in all companies large and small to generate content about the company and the solutions it brings to its customers with feature stories that really drive home the value of the brand without tipping the voice and tone towards advertising copywriting. But as someone who defines that process as content strategy, marketing and writing, I’d like some clarification as to how brand journalism differentiates itself or if it’s possible that content marketing simply absorbed brand journalism into its standard practices. Is there still a need for both with the CMO strategic tool kit or has a merger already occurred?

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