How to make publicity important, but not the top priority

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of solving every problem with a press release, but it’s important to remember PR professionals’ role as advisers.

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It’s a habit I have kept for some time and have slowly worked to wean away from—both from a sophistication standpoint of simply enjoying better foods with better company and also a health standpoint. (In case you didn’t know, not the best food in the world comes through a window.) I’ve come to appreciate the journey toward healthful eating and what goes into good food.

Publicity solutions that communication experts provide to clients are like fast food. Have something to announce? Write a press release. Have something that really isn’t newsworthy but you have to meet your quota to make your client happy? Write a press release.

When you write a press release, make sure you put it out on the wire and pitch every reporter you know, because it’s news, right? Unfortunately, this is a mindset I see way too often in the world of communications.

Whether it’s because we are afraid to push back on client demands (internal or external), are lazy, or just don’t know any better, we settle for the old “we need a press release” strategy. I’m here to tell you it’s not good.

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