How to maximize a celebrity or influencer endorsement

Having the backing of a well-known personality can help broaden your reach and expand your audience. Here’s how to solicit these influential people.

Endorsements can go a long way to attract customers.

A “celebrity” can very quickly generate brand exposure to large audiences. Such endorsements can increase visibility and generate content that can be used across a range of media platforms.

While it may sound like an expensive undertaking, when done right these partnerships can create high return on investments for businesses. Here are some ways to maximize an endorsement by a celebrity or influencer:

1. Keep it real.

Celebrities usually already have a personal brand. As a public figure, they’re already created a name for themselves based on their profession, interests and personality. To maintain authenticity, make sure your product or service is a fit for your targeted celebrity. Ask yourself: Would this person actually use and support your product or service? If not, then the endorsement won’t seem credible.

2. Access their fanbase.

While celebrities can be quite protective of their social media, if possible negotiate as a part of the endorsement deal a couple of posts about your brand through their personal channels. Make sure the posts seems authentic and use appropriate disclosures.

3. Prepare the celebrity.

Building a partnership with a celebrity or influencer requires him or her to be well-informed on your brand and messaging. Familiarize the celebrity with talking points and go through potential Q&A’s during interviews so that he or she is prepared to take on questions from the media. This person is representing your brand so anything he or she says will have an effect on how your brand is perceived.

4. Do your research.

Avoid negative press by doing your research on the celebrity before entering into a partnership. Find out how media outlets have covered the person in the past and how the public appears to perceive him or her. This could save you a lot of unwanted media attention in the future.

5. Use timing to your advantage.

Timing is key to getting good publicity. For instance, getting an endorsement around a film premiere can create extra exposure. When negotiating deals, find out the celebrity’s calendar so you can negotiate dates that will maximize the benefit for your brand.

6. Be creative.

Create content that is fresh and exciting. After partnering with a celebrity or influencer, make sure your content is authentic and lives up to the hype. Video is a great way to get attention; whether you use short videos on Instagram or YouTube videos, it’s a great way to engage and connect with your customers.

7. Ignore the haters.

There will be people who love and hate any celebrity partner. That means you can get brutal comments on social media. Accept that this is what comes with celebrity endorsements. You can’t win them all.

Just remember, you are reaching such a large mass of people and there’s bound to be a few haters amongst them. Focus on the positives.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR Agency.

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