How to measure your content marketing campaign

Use this graphic as a checklist to determine whether your content marketing is helping the company’s bottom line.

Content marketing is all the rage these days, and for good reason. It helps tell your company’s story, and makes your brand more relatable and interesting to customers.

But your boss probably isn’t interested in the details of your content marketing campaign—she just wants to know whether it positively affects the bottom line.

If you’re thinking about launching a content marketing campaign, or are already in the midst of one, this infographic from BrandPoint can help you ensure your content makes the company money.

It illustrates the three steps of turning prospects into paying customers: building awareness, ensuring people consider your brand for their needs, and converting them into customers.

Here’s how to measure your efforts each step of the way:

1. Awareness

You want potential customers to easily find your brand online. Ask these questions to determine whether they can:

  • Do you rank higher in search engine results?
  • Is there an increase in your website’s first-time visitors?
  • Have social media metrics—likes, followers, +1s, etc.—increased?

2. Consideration

Once potential customers know you exist, you want them to engage with your content. Your answers to these questions will tell you if they do:

  • Has the amount of page views on your website increased?
  • Do people stay on your site longer?
  • Does your website have a lower bounce rate?
  • Have social media metrics increased?

3. Conversion

You did it! Your content encouraged someone to become a customer. Your answers to these questions will interest your boss the most:

  • How many sales have you gotten from website visitors?
  • Has the amount of website subscribers increased?
  • Do social media sites drive people to your site?

Check out the graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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