How to nail your next Instagram campaign

The popular image-sharing platform is a powerful tool for marketers looking to retarget online visitors and develop new audiences. Here are some important points to consider.


If everyone else is doing it, does that mean the tactic is a good fit for your organization?

With advertising income on Instagram on track to reach almost 11 billion dollars, it seems almost a no-brainer for any small business to at least consider running an Instagram campaign.

Yet, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle your Instagram marketing strategy.

With visual perception being the key focus of Instagram since its inception, there simply is no better place to showcase your stunning content online. More than three-quarters of Instagram users reportedly search for brands that can satisfy their need for visual stimulation.

More than half of those surveyed report finding new products as a direct result of Instagram marketing. Therefore, getting the “visual vibe” of your Instagram feed right is half the battle.

When designing an Instagram strategy, consider the following:

1. Brand awareness

While it is important for an ad to be seen as often as possible, it is also important for it to be memorable enough for users that they can easily recall your brand. This is an inherent strength for Instagram. It shows content again and again until users are familiar with the aesthetic of a particular organization.

2. A human call to action

The goal is obviously to facilitate sales on the platform from both new and existing customers. On Instagram, however, it is crucial to stay personable. You are looking for followers and fans rather than one-time clients.

Consider the call to action options, like “shop now”, “tag a friend”, or “contact us.”

Your call to action should also fit the format of your content. You might want to upload a short video that will auto-play for users or use the carousel ad option to ensure users are able to see several products from your collection in one post.

3. Your dream audience

You want to show ads to people who will be interested in them. There are many targeting options available on the Instagram platform, providing a wide range of tools. Audience targeting options on Instagram include:

  • Core: the default option for platform users
  • Custom: an audience of users who have interacted with your account
  • Lookalike: an audience with the same characteristics as your existing follower base

Use these tools to reach potential customers and attract new fans to your organization.

 4. Careful budgeting

Advertising is more than just about black and white data. The budget should reflect the success or shortcomings of the ongoing campaign. Fortunately, Instagram has provided a number of budgeting options for ad campaigns, where a “daily” budget allows you to set daily spending maximums, and a “lifetime” budget means expenses are distributed evenly across the entire period of the campaign.

Instagram is a platform that is experiencing exponential growth. Work smart and work with the platform’s strengths, and you might just find yourself a whole new following.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a PR agency.

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