How to take your measurement to the next level in 2023

This should be your big new year’s resolution.

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Take your measurement to the next level

Created by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), the framework is now in its third iteration. Simply put, it’s a way of thinking about measurement to better understand and communicate outcomes in a way that creates real, lasting change.



The framework is “Focused heavily on measuring what matters to drive continuous improvement within an organization rather than solely improving only the value of communication,” according to Johna Burke, global managing director of AMEC.

If you’re thinking this all sounds boring and dry, you’re wrong.

Measurement is what helps us get better at our jobs. It helps us learn  what wild ideas paid off — and what fizzled. It allows us refine our strategies and tactics in ways that truly serve our audiences rather than just our egos. Measuring equips us with powerful stories to tell our leadership and help us guide them in decision-making.

Having a firm framework like the Barcelona Principles helps keep you, and your organization, accountable. So let’s go through the principles, with commentary from Burke, via Ragan Insider.

If you don’t buy into this one, nothing that follows here will matter.

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