How to use videos in your email marketing

Email is a crucial tool for reaching new leads and expanding your audience, but it can be a challenge to stick out in a crowded inbox. Here’s how adding video can help.


Email marketing is the most effective marketing tool out there. People usually check their emails every single day which makes it the best channel to engage potential customers.

How can you help your brand stand out in an email? Using the word video in your subject lines and employing embedded clips in your email marketing campaigns can increase open rates and click-through rates.

Coupled with email, videos provide the highest ROI among the many marketing strategies available.

Identify your goal

It is important to understand the reason for your email marketing campaign before you add video. After identifying it, you can:

  • Design your campaign with required marketing strategies.
  • Execute precise research and find out your competitors.
  • Look for your target audience.
  • Evaluate how big your budget is.
  • Prepare a to-do-list and follow it.

Here are some important tips for including video in your marketing email:

1. Add the word “video” to your subject line.

The email subject line is responsible for a successful open rate. According to SwitchVideo, by including “video” in your subject line, the open rates will be increased by 7-13% on an average.

2. Create an engaging thumbnail.

The main purpose of the thumbnail is to set clear expectations about your video so the viewer is enticed to hit the play button. Make sure your thumbnail is an accurate distillation of your piece.

3. Write content to supplement your video.

According to a Kissmetrics report, spam filters will flag your email if it only contains a video or an image. To avoid this, write content to accompany your video. Make sure to use active and conversational language.

4. Display your call to action (CTA) prominently.

Make sure your CTA appears in both your video and email text. Your CTA could offer a free download, direct viewers to a contact form or social media links, or send readers to an online store.  It should be concise and customized for your target audience.

5. Use PNG videos and animated GIFs.

Videos come in several formats. You can use short videos formats like .PNG and .GIF on your emails. These short clips work as a snippet of your actual videos that can be placed on your site.

Types of videos that work for email marketers

The major goal of email marketing is to attract potential leads. To improve your leads, there are a few strategies that you can use to your video email marketing.

  • DIY videos. The do-it-yourself video is a great idea to attract new leads. Some products might be difficult to sell due to complications involved in setting them up or maintenance. With DIY videos, you can provide them with easy-to-follow instructions that can help viewers know about the product and get familiar with their set-up.
  • Product demonstration. Demonstrating how to use the product through video can help you attract people and encourage them to make a purchase. Creating a product demonstration video is not a big challenge. You can make one easily with the help of an online video making tool.
  • Conduct interviews with industry personalities, influencers and celebrities, and incorporate them with your email marketing strategy give your brand credibility.

Roman Daneghyan is the chief marketing officer at Renderforest.

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