How to write funnier headlines than this one

A new website is praised for its titles and content, while a major online publisher issues an edict on headlines. Plus, the ABCs of design, the origins of ‘OK,’ how the Doritos Locos Taco created 15,000 jobs, the most ‘challenged books,’ and more.

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Somebody getting beamed in the crotch with a whiffle ball.

Anyone caught falling down ever.

The “truffle shuffle.”

Some things will always be funny. Regrettably, some of these moments translate poorly into words—and that can hurt news outlets and blogs, where a dull and humorless headlines can be as painful for readers as that whiffle ball is for the unsuspecting dad pitching it to his son.

Thankfully, Digiday profiled a new website that takes its headlines and content very seriously—by being not so serious. The site is The Gist, and it’s from the creators of Someecards and Happy Place. Digiday‘s Saya Weissman described it as “part actual news, part comedy and part Cliff Notes,” or as Someecards President Brook Lundy put it:

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