If Chuck Norris was an Internet marketer

The Internet legend that is Chuck Norris would be able to accomplish some pretty amazing feats in the field.

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His strength makes Superman look like a wimp, and makes Zeus appear to be a mere mortal. Everything he does strikes fear and awe in the hearts of everyone. He can accomplish tasks no other human on Earth could. He’s the only man who can sit in the corner of a round room. He knows the last digit of pi. He can cut through a hot knife with butter. He can slam a revolving door.

With all of these incredible talents in mind, what would happen if Chuck Norris was an Internet Marketer? Below are 12 possibilities.

1. Chuck Norris doesn’t need to track click through or conversion rates. His are always 100 percent.

2. Twitter doesn’t have a 140 character limit. That’s just how many characters Chuck Norris allows.

3. When employees at Google have a question, they “Norris” it.

4. There is no search engine algorithm. Just a list of websites Chuck Norris allows them to rank.

5. Chuck Norris can leave a comment on your Facebook wall using MySpace.

6. Chuck Norris will never be flagged by Google. Google isn’t nearly foolish enough to de-index him.

7. Chuck Norris doesn’t read blogs. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

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