‘IHOb’ is no more: IHOP cops to name change stunt

The pancake chain finally admitted what most already knew—that changing the brand’s name to ‘International House of Burgers’ was a publicity ploy. How did consumers respond?

IHOP was just messing with us. Surprise, surprise.

The chain never changed its thousands of signs, and most of the messaging surrounding the “IHOb” moniker took place on social media. However, communicators had asserted the move was not a stunt.

As previously reported on PR Daily:

The move is genuine, IHOP insists.

Fortune reported:

Although some Twitter users initially speculated that the tweet might have been a clever PR stunt to drum up interest for the breakfast chain, a spokesperson for IHOP confirmed to the New York Post that the tweet was serious.

We will have to wait until June 11 to find out what the new name change means for the 60-year-old restaurant chain, but at least one thing’s for sure, the pancakes don’t seem to be leaving the menu.

Now the chain is fessing up.

Though Fortune reported that the tweet announcing IHOP’s return—if that’s the proper term—received less engagement than the purported name change, the re-rebranding still sparked buzz on Twitter.

Some voiced their upset (real or feigned):

Others expressed relief (real or feigned):

Plenty just rolled their eyes and tossed out a little snark about the chain’s waffling:

Some PR pros noted that the move was successful in garnering attention for the brand:

Brand managers who had teased IHOP chimed in:

What do you think of IHOP’s name stunt, PR Daily readers?

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