In unlikely twist, NFL and Apple face PR backlash from fans

Fans of both brands are upset, and their frustration is turning into a simmering PR crisis for both companies. They must correct their course, immediately.

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While Apple is taking heat for its negligence surrounding its Maps app, the NFL is allowing the labor dispute and lockout of its officials to impact the outcomes of its ever-important regular season games.

Apple’s PR headache: Maps

Apple’s release of the iPhone 5 and updated operating system update was, at the outset, yet another giant leap forward for the company—until people started using the so-called “improvements.”

The Maps app on iOS 6, which Apple built to be a giant improvement over previous efforts, turned out to be anything but. A number of reaction articles have noted errors in Maps as major as entire cities missing or being placed in the ocean. According to one tech writer: “The Maps app simply isn’t ready for use. And Apple knew this before it released iOS6, as developers had complained for months during the beta-testing cycle about the app’s problems.”

The NFL’s PR problem: referees

The NFL’s officials have been locked out of the league since their contract expired in June. In their place for the opening three weeks of the season have been replacement refs, who are simply not up to the task. Think of it as associates in a law firm suddenly being thrust into the roles of senior partners.

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