Infographic: 10 tactics for email marketing success

Your audiences’ inboxes are infiltrated daily with marketing materials. These tips can help your digital messaging earn clicks and customers.

A strong email campaign is part and parcel of any successful marketing strategy.

However, there are many ways to muck up this powerful digital channel.

Customers can tell when your email copy is a bland or generic missive getting blasted out to everyone. Brand managers must also ensure content is edited and checked for dead links or errors before sending.

What else can marketers do to avoid flubbing their email efforts?

This infographic from Campaign Monitor provides more helpful tips for ensuring you’re getting the most out of your email campaigns—as well as practices that are hindering them.

It includes:

  • Make sure the preview line of your email captivates.
  • Invest in automation to create beneficial customer journeys.
  • Dive into analytics to discover how you could improve future campaigns.

For more ways to build a successful email marketing strategy—and tactics to avoid—see the full infographic below.


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